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RG360 Webinar 13

Delivering Resiliency and Building Decarbonization with Renewable Propane

Webinar Date: November 3, 2021 at 10:00am PST

Discover how renewable propane can present a real and cost-effective strategy to ensure that communities around America can participate in the imperative to decarbonize.

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Overcoming Challenges of a Warming Planet: Policies and Technologies to Enable Green Hydrogen

October 7, 2021

Discover how green hydrogen can help decarbonize hard to decarbonize sectors, policies needed to help scale up renewable hydrogen and promote fuel cells, and what utilities are doing to develop solutions to grid reliability based on fuel cell technology.

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RG 360 Webinar 11

Can Renewable Gases Help Reduce Wildfire Risks and GHG Emissions?

September 14, 2021

Learn about the impact that wildfires have on climate and air quality and how the production of renewable gases from forest biomass can help reduce fuel load and provide resources for more sustainable forest management.

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for a series of educational forums to gain insight into how renewable gas enables California, the nation, and world to immediately and cost effectively:

Reduce Short Lived Climate Pollutants & Greenhouse Gases

Manage Overburdened Landfills

Mitigate the Leading Source of Urban Air Pollution

Capture Methane Emissions from Dairy & Agriculture

Foster Economic Growth in Disadvantaged Communities

Reduce Wildfire Risk by Providing a Market for Dead Trees

Store/Transport Surplus Renewable Energy

Increase Production of Renewable Hydrogen & Syngas

Educational Symposia

January 22-23, 2020

Sacramento, CA

Gain insight into how fostering a circular energy economy can enable California to immediately and cost effectively reduce air pollution, store surplus renewable energy, manage overburdened landfills, reduce wildfire risk, and more.

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February 26-27, 2019

Sacramento, CA

Discover the role renewable gas can play in helping California immediately and cost-effectively achieve the climate, air quality and economic development objectives set in SB 32, AB 197, SB 1383, SB 100, SB 1440, AB 2313, and AB 1826.

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February 6-7, 2018

Sacramento, CA

Gain insight from renowned clean energy leaders on how renewable gas can help California achieve its air quality and climate objectives, sustainably manage its organic waste, and responsibly accelerate market development for renewable power.

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