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Renewable Gas 360 (RG 360) educates policymakers nationwide of the important role that renewable gases can and should play in their community’s energy and environmental future through both digital webinars and in-person symposia.

RG 360 is a continuation of the Rethink Methane Symposium, which launched in Sacramento as an in-person event in 2015 to increase awareness among policymakers and community leaders of the many economic and environmental benefits of renewable gas. The original name was adopted in response to a growing trend to limit future energy development to a single technology, which raised the risk of foreclosing the opportunity to develop and implement more resilient, near term, cost-effective, environmentally beneficial, and economically sustainable strategies to clean the air and mitigate global climate change. In 2020, RG 360 added digital webinars to its portfolio of instructional tools, which dramatically increased access to this important curriculum to a national and global audience. 

The RG 360 program delivers a comprehensive perspective on how renewable gases facilitate the development of sustainable societies, enabling communities to recover, reuse and recycle their “wastes” and convert these feedstocks into low-, zero- and even negative greenhouse gas energy resources that contribute to economic development, energy resilience, climate protection, and improved public health. 

RG 360 provides attendees a continuous in-person and digital curriculum that: 

Supplies attendees with valuable, science-based information about gases from both organic and synthetic renewable feedstocks—including renewable hydrogen, methane, propane and syngas (i.e., “power-to-gas” and gasification)—and how promoting markets for these low carbon products helps to accelerate environmental enhancements and foster sustainable economic development.

Helps policymakers, utility operators, urban planners and other key stakeholders better understand the critical role renewable gases can play in fulfilling their climate protection, public health improvement and decarbonization goals. 

Offers meaningful ideas on what policymakers can do to help their communities realize their environmental protection and economic development objectives more quickly, equitably and cost effectively than many current plans provide. 

Given recent events and growing evidence that near term climate protection depends on increasing the rate of reduction in emissions of short-lived climate pollutants, RG 360 offers science-based solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Please join us as we explore the diverse and significant world of renewable molecules and the meaningful role they can play in helping solve modernity’s complex problems.

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