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Delivering Resiliency and Building Decarbonization with Renewable Propane

RG360 Webinar 13

November 3, 2021 at 10:00am PST

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Throughout the country, there are thousands of suburban and rural communities that face daunting challenges when it comes to securing reliable and inexpensive, let alone low carbon, energy. As recent crises have revealed time and again, towns and unincorporated areas are vulnerable to long-term loss of power and are best served with multiple low carbon energy options. Renewable propane presents a real and cost-effective strategy to ensure that rural America can participate in the imperative to decarbonize.

Please attend this 75-minute webinar to learn:

  • Why remote towns and villages throughout the country are vulnerable to energy disruption
  • How renewable propane can help decarbonize markets that are difficult to decarbonize
  • How renewable propane can be harnessed to increase the production of low carbon, renewable power for local grid operators
  • Educating decision makers about approaches they can take now to help communities secure their low carbon energy future through renewable propane

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Webinar Speakers

Bryan Cordill

Bryan Cordill

Director of Residential and Commercial Business Development

Propane Education and Research Council (PERC)

Tom Paine

Senior Policy Advisor


Robert M Baldwin

Principal Scientist

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Joy Alafia


Joy Alafia

President and CEO

Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA)

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