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Renewable Propane Production Pathways

February 17, 2021

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One of the less well known but no less important low carbon gases is renewable propane. This climate-friendly fuel is a critical element of the strategy to rural communities to participate in the movement to decarbonize the energy supply as well as present more low carbon options to the transportation sector.

Watch this 75-minute Renewable Gas 360 webinar recording to hear renewable propane industry leaders:

• Describe how demand for renewable propane is growing in hard to serve markets
• Share ideas on how to meet the increasing need for this low carbon fuel through expanding renewable production pathways
• Discuss how state and local policies can help incentivize the production of renewable propane

Webinar Speakers

Joy Alafia

President & CEO

Western Propane Gas Association

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Rebecca Boudreaux, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Oberon Fuels

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Curtis Powers

Manager, Compliance, SCM

Renewable Energy Group

Gary Grimes

Director of Sustainability and Technology

World Energy

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Tucker Perkins

President & CEO

Propane Education & Research Council

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