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New Opportunities to Convert Biomass “Waste” to Renewable Methane and Green Hydrogen

March 18, 2021

Although most renewable gases are currently produced through anaerobic digestion, several innovative developers are working to deploy gasification and pyrolysis pathways to commercially viable energy production. These technologies allow for the conversion of dense, low-moisture organic material into valuable renewable gas and biochar, creating new opportunities to manage forests, agricultural waste and other hard-to-handle organic feedstocks.

Watch this 75-minute Renewable Gas 360 webinar recording to hear industry leaders discuss:

  • How gasification and pyrolysis technologies work and why they are important tools to advance climate protection, air quality improvement and clean energy goals
  • How these technologies can be used to promote sustainable management of woodlands, farming and municipal solid waste
  • The status of groundbreaking projects, and how state and local policies can help accelerate the deployment of these important renewable energy technologies

Webinar Speakers

Julia Levin

Executive Director

Bioenergy Association of California

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David Bennett

Director, Renewable Gas & Low Carbon Fuels

FortisBC Energy Inc.

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Yaniv Scherson, Ph.D.

Managing Director


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Dan LeFevers

Vice President, Business Development

SunGas Renewables

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T.J. Paskach, Ph.D.

President & CEO / Chief Technology Officer

San Joaquin Renewables / Frontline BioEnergy

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